Mission Critical Power Protection


Mission Critical Power Protection


Redefining Power Backup for Mission-Critical Applications

Our HSC systems offer many benefits over battery-based solutions, including – a 15-year life, no thermal runaway compared to lithium-ion batteries (LiBs), and no toxic lead acid.

Brief power outages and fluctuations in data centers, healthcare facilities and other mission-critical applications can have serious consequences resulting in data loss, service disruptions, and hardware damage. Even a momentary interruption in power can cause servers and equipment to crash or reboot, leading to system failures, downtime, and potential loss of revenue and goodwill.


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The need for extended battery backup time during the transition to onsite generators in data centers has undergone a fundamental transformation. Now the ability to swiftly transition to onsite generators during a power disruption is critical and redefines the costly energy storage paradigm that required large-scale battery installations supporting 10 or more minutes of backup time.

As the demand for compute power continues to surge, driven by advancements in cloud computing, virtualization, bitcoin mining, and the rapid emergence of artificial intelligence (AI), power usage per server rack is increasing. The ESS400 System can grow with your power needs by adding parallel cabinets for higher power, longer autonomy, or redundancy. Our ESS400 System also features the highest power density of any UPS energy storage solution available today.

Our Hybrid SuperCapacitors (HSCs) have proven their exceptional reliability in demanding applications, with hundreds of thousands of cells deployed since the first commercial production in 2008, accumulating over 3,000,000 field operating hours. Delivering a 99.9999 percent availability based on actual field data makes them a superior choice for data center backup power. This impressive track record underscores their robust design and superior performance, ensuring uninterrupted and dependable energy storage – even in the most mission-critical scenarios.


Reliable power backup is crucial in medical and hospital facilities to safeguard patient well-being, preserve critical medical services, and maintain continuity during unforeseen power disruptions.

The NFPA 99 regulation for health care systems requires that stand-by generators must assume the electrical load within 10 seconds during a power disruption. Our compact ESS400 paired with a 3-phase UPS is the perfect solution as it enables transfer to onsite generators in seconds providing robust protection for all critical operations.

Our Energy Storage Systems ensure compliance with regulatory standards while providing reliable backup power for up to 15 years compared to the typical battery life cycle of only 5 to 7 years. And by eliminating multiple battery banks, medical facilities can save valuable space and considerable costs in safeguarding emergency power for medical IT infrastructure, imagining equipment suites and operating theaters.

Medical imaging equipment like CT Scanners and MRIs require peak power during the image-capturing process depending on the type of scan required. These peak power requirements are growing higher for newer capable devices and thus may require the medical facility to undergo a costly power distribution upgrade for the newer imaging equipment. In some rural areas, this may not even be possible. The ESS400 can deliver the peak power requirements to eliminate the need to upgrade the power distribution and can cycle hundreds of thousands of times over its lifetime.


Manufacturing and process control systems depend on reliable electrical power. Even the briefest interruption in utility power can halt assembly lines, robotics and disrupt critical process control applications, leading to costly consequences. Sags, surges, transients, and harmonics pose significant challenges to these crucial systems.

Musashi’s advanced ESS400 System incorporating our Hybrid SuperCapacitors is recognized for its exceptional reliability in demanding manufacturing operations where often installation environments are not ideal and require robust solutions. With hundreds of thousands of cells in use and millions of field operating hours, they maintain an impressive 99.9999 percent availability. This high level of reliability performance ensures uninterrupted power supply, minimizing downtime and disruptions in critical manufacturing processes, making them the preferred choice for enhancing operational efficiency and productivity.

The Musashi energy storage system features zero cooling requirements, a small footprint, wide operating temperature range, minimal maintenance needs, and an impressive 15-year lifespan, far outperforming the short lifespan of batteries.

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