Musashi's Hybrid SuperCapacitors Offer Superior Power, Reliability and Safety for Today's Crucial Industries

Our Hybrid SuperCapacitor (HSCs) cells, modules, and systems are ideal for energy storage applications that require quick charge/discharge cycles, peak power delivery, high cycle life, and wide operating temperature environments with exceptional reliability in a power-dense package.

Mission Critical
Power Protection

Power outages in data centers, healthcare facilities and other mission-critical applications can have serious consequences in data loss, service disruptions, and hardware damage. Even momentary interruptions can cause servers and equipment to crash or reboot, leading to hardware failure, downtime, and potential loss of revenue and data integrity.

Our HSC systems offer many benefits over battery-based solutions, including – a 15-year life, no thermal runaway compared to lithium-ion batteries (LiBs), and no toxic lead acid.

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Renewables /

Musashi's HSCs protect renewable energy systems by improving power stability, enhancing the performance of renewables, reducing battery wear and tear, and bridging power. They also help with power firming during transients. Integrating a Hybrid SuperCapacitors with a battery for solar systems creates a hybrid energy storage system (HESS), resulting in increased energy density. For wind applications, energy is stored and released within the hybrid supercapacitor during fluctuations in wind velocity. These combined systems provide superior benefits compared to HSCs or batteries alone.


Reducing operating costs and increasing energy efficiency are prime objectives within the electrified transportation industry. In EV applications, combining our HSCs with lithium-ion-based batteries provides better battery utilization for longer EV range or allows for downsized batteries, thus reducing costs. Our HSCs are also an excellent energy storage solution for trams, rail and substations where they can store energy through regenerative braking.

Fuel Cells – FCEVs
And More

Incorporating Hybrid SuperCapacitors (HSCs) into fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) can improve the FCEVs' range, efficiency, and lifetime, making HSCs a perfect technology for sustainable transportation. Additionally, in a hybrid supercapacitor/fuel cell system, the HSC delivers a burst of power to compensate for any lag in the fuel cell's response during acceleration or other situations where quick and responsive power delivery is required. In addition, these characteristics make them ideal for use in Material Handling and Stationary Power applications where safety, efficiency, fast recharge, quick response and long life can help to ensure a stable and reliable supply of electrical power from the fuel cell system.


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